Springs Secondary is an old school with young ideas and many talented young people who have excelled in an environment, which has nurtured enthusiasm, friendship and a pioneering spirit.

In delving into the history of our school we must go back in the passage of time to the year 1920.

The first school in Springs for Indian education was situated at the presently vacant site, a few hundred metres to the west, of the new mortuary in Springs central. A small wood and iron building at this derelict site accommodated a small group of Indian and Coloured children. The first learner admitted was on 16 February 1920. In 1921 three more Indian learners enrolled. By January 1930 the school learner population rose to 120. Subsequently the present Sanathan-Vedha, then a tin structure serving the function of a temple, was loaned to the Indian community of Bakerton for the purpose of primary school education. In 1935 the school was renamed the Springs Government Indian School. There were approximately 200 learners ranging from Class 1 to Standard 5.

In 1945 three additional classrooms were built. A new primary school was built in 1951. Up to 1952 the school did not cater for Standard 6 learners because of small numbers. Consequently these learners were obliged to attend other schools.

Standard six classes were started in January 1960. An important milestone in the history of the school was that in 1964 the first batch of matriculants sat for their examination. Over the years there has been a phenomenal increase in learner population. Since 1986, it has risen from 430 learners to 973 in 1990. This was due largely to the influx of new residents in Bakerton and neighbouring suburbs. In 2001 we have an enrolled population of 1714 learners.  In April 2001, the school officially separated into Bakerton Primary School and Springs Secondary School.

Some of the hardships and deprivations faced by learners and teachers in the past were lack of accommodation, poor toilet facilities, dilapidated buildings, lack of sporting facilities, library, staff room and offices. Some of these problems have now become thing of the past since the relocation to the present school buildings in July 1989. Apart from specialist rooms for the various disciplines, which includes Science and Biology laboratories, the premises encompasses a well-equipped Library and Resource Centre with a television set, a Computer Literacy centre, Domestic Science and Cookery department, modern offices and a spacious staff room.

With the rapid social, economic and political changes that are sweeping the country and exploding archaic educational traditions, perceptions, attitudes and prejudices it is hoped that Springs Secondary School will be able to meet the demands and challenges of the future. We trust that the new dimension of a post-apartheid education will equip our children to break down barriers and forge a more harmonious link with all the people of the country. With the able guidance, vision and dedication of our principal, and his willing band of teachers we are confident that these challenges will be met with utmost sincerity and the necessary resolve.

The school’s motto was  constructed, to provide the following message – “EX SCIENTIA LUX”“Knowledge Spreads Light”. It is in line with the winds of change that are blowing across the world more particularly for the benefit of education and especially for our children. Our goal is to the pursuance of knowledge