MSG from Principal

MSG from Principal


When we started in 1920, it was never envisaged that the school would grow in leaps.

Springs Secondary School (SSS) has been established not merely to enable learners to earn a living but to help them acquire good traits, lead exemplary lives, and to give them ethical, moral and spiritual strength.

By integrating the five domains of human personality, namely; intellectual, physical, emotional, psychic and spiritual in a meaningful whole, we are committed to a system of education that combines human values with academic excellence.

Character building is at the forefront of our work.  We have placed quotes around the school to remind our learners of the real purpose of education.  One such saying is:

Politics without principles;

 Education without character;

 Science without humanity;

 Commerce without morality

 are not only useless, but positively dangerous

The education that is gained must be used to go out into the communities to serve the poor and needy, and to uplift the community with skills and other forms of aid, creating a better society for all.  This is an ideal our former president, Mr Nelson Mandela, exemplified.  We, therefore, emphasize the need to “enter to learn, leave to serve“!  This is the spirit of UBUNTU.

Good character, good virtues, fine manners is the real worth of an education at SSS.  As life in general and the world is really about meeting change and challenge, this temperament is usefully instilled in the alumni of SSS.

Our colours are BLUE and GOLD.  The badge is a shield with a torch symbolizing “knowledge spreads light”.  Inherent in this message is the sharing of knowledge with a broader society and ‘giving-back’ to the world.


Our staff, both academic and non-academic, is dedicated and supportive.  SSS have a proud record of excellent educators extending themselves beyond the call of duty.

We are proud of our academic achievements over the years but more importantly, happy that the ‘grounding’ we provide our young adults for the fierce world out there is constructive, valuable and toughening.

The website that is being accessed is aimed at reaching out to our Alumni so that they may access the portals of this institution wherever they may be, and in whatever capacity.  Furthermore, others such as parents, learners, educators and the world community at large may interact with us on a regular basis to grow this institution to even higher levels.


PRINCIPAL (since 2001)