• AGE:  SSS is over 90 years old (started in 1920) and is well grounded in education, with all systems in place;
  • COMMUNICATION:  we aim to help and assist, with the necessary approaches;
  • EDUCATOR STAFF:  We have a very stable, able, qualified and committed band of educator staff;
  • SUPPORT STAFF:  Our support and non-educator staff are deeply committed and add to the very positive ethos;
  • ADDITIONAL LEARNER SUPPORT:  is given to all grades according to a schedule and need basis, after school and during vacation;
  • SBST:  our school based support team is functional and effective;
  • OTHER LEARNER SUPPORT:  we assist learners that come for very poor socio-economic backgrounds;
  • LEARNER DISCIPLINE:  Discipline is a priority!  We are tenacious about learner discipline on a daily basis and follow due process when the need arises;
  • MATRIC PASS RATE:  has been above 90% for the last 10 years;
  • GROUNDS & BUILDINGS: are always in great shape, adding to beautiful academic environment;
  • SPORTS:  We offer and participate in Soccer, Netball, Volleyball, Rugby, Cricket and athletics;
  • ADMIN:  Our school administration management system is online-based and highly efficient;
  • LTSM:  with effective control systems, learner and teacher support material is given out every learner each year and our retrieval for 2013 was 99,6%;
  • SECURITY:  access and security is very good with CCTV, security gates and personnel;
  • SMT:  Our School Management Team is diligent, committed and supportive;